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The i In Team

The i In Team

by Michael McMillan and John J. Murphy
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  • Cover: Hard Cover
  • No. of pages: 104
  • Book Dimensions: 6.5" x 6.5
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Product Description

Cultivating high-performance teamwork is like growing a garden. We get out of it what we put into it. The i in Team challenges common misperceptions about teamwork and exposes the critical ingredients missing from many of today’s teams, businesses, and organizations. In it, authors Michael McMillan and John Murphy show you how to experience a paradigm shift, transcending independent thinking and unleashing interdependent power. This book will show you how to tap the unique potential, inputs and talents of the individuals on your team, while creating more intrigue, involvement and interaction among team members. In reading The i in Team, you’ll discover that not only is there an ’i“ in team, there are many.

Use this book to help::

  • Tap the unique potential, inputs, and talents of the individuals on your team

  • Create more intrigue, involvement and interaction among team members

  • Inspire true, high-performance teamwork and synergy

  • Cultivate an interdependent, we-opic and shared vision

  • Exercise intuition to develop an environment of imagination, ingenuity and innovation

  • Build team intelligence

  • Foster team integrity

  • Increase your return on investment