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  1. The Manager's Motivation Handbook The Manager's Motivation Handbook

    How to develop passion and positive performance with everyone on your team. The Manager's Motivation Handbook is a practical tool to deal with one of today's most important and yet challenging leadership responsibilities ... GETTING OTHERS MOTIVATED!

  2. Peer Today, Boss Tomorrow Peer Today, Boss Tomorrow

    Moving from co-worker to becoming the kind of leader that others will respect and want to follow. Whether you’re a seasoned supervisor, newly promoted, or preparing yourself for a future leadership position, this book is for you.

  3. 212° the extra degree 212° the extra degree

    Achieve Results Beyond Your Wildest Expectations! Discover why there are over 1 million copies of this book in print!


360 degree feedback is perfect for:

  • Leadership development activities
  • Performance appraisal process
  • Training needs analysis
  • Continuous improvement initiatives
  • Organizational/cultural change efforts