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The Dash (new edition)

The Dash (new edition)

by Linda Ellis and Mac Anderson
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  • Cover: Hard Cover
  • No. of pages: 144
  • Book Dimensions: 6.75 Square
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Product Description

A brand new edition with forty-eight more pages! Not just a new cover, there are fourteen additional stories from our readers of how The Dash has positively impacted their lives.

The date you were born and the date you died, aren’t what really matters. It’s “the dash”—those years in between and what you do with them—that does. This wonderful book is the most searched for book in our store because it has life-changing and healing potential.

When Linda Ellis wrote the poem, “The Dash”, in one afternoon in 1996, she had no idea that it would change her life forever. In 239 words, she captured the reason why we were put on this earth.  Since then, “The Dash” has been published hundreds of times in books, newspapers, magazines, and company newsletters. It has also been read countless times at company meetings, graduations, and funerals.

The Dash is available in a beautifully designed gift book that now contains an additional nine simple truths from Mac Anderson about what we can do to make a difference with our lives.

Give this meaningful book to anyone in need of encouragement, or students trying to figure out what is important in life. “The Dash’ poem is often read at funerals as a tribute to a person’s wonderfully lived “dash” and is a beautiful sympathy gift. The Dash also makes a special gift for your customers or your employees. Give the gift of inspiration—it’ll be one that keeps on giving.

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