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Revolutionize Teamwork- How to Create and Lead Accountable Teams

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Product Description Now Available! Employing individuals who can work together as a team is more challenging than you may think. In fact, research has shown that 86% of employees and executives cite "lack of collaboration or ineffective communication" for workplace failures. So what can you do to create and lead a team that not only works together for a common goal (a functional team), but also takes responsibility for their actions and puts the team's success above individual success (an accountable team). Taking a page from Facebook, Eric Coryell has developed a teamwork model that creates trust, success, and true accountability. How? By redefining your team’s model to be customer facing as opposed to reporting up! Revolutionize Teamwork identifies the different types of teams and provides a step-by-step process for creating an accountable team that works through real issues and is committed to success.