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How to Develop Positive, Proud & Productive People


If there’s a “magic” formula for developing successful people (who in turn help your organization become successful) would you want to know what it is? Hopefully your response is a resounding “Yes!” because the answer is in this powerful new handbook from There is definitely a formula for success, and the good news is, it's not magic! But, it does depend on three key factors, that when combined, have maximum impact. It’s called the “3P Advantage” in which people are positive, proud, and productive. This handbook will show you why it’s impossible to separate one from the others when achieving ultimate success.

This timely handbook will help you to:

  • Build an optimistic workplace
  • Encourage accountability and problem-solving
  • Improve time management by focusing on the right things
  • Hire, train, and retain staff during uncertain times