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Try Different, Not Harder


We live in a world that is bursting with exciting changes and opportunities for growth! People that anticipate and adapt to these changes are often rewarded with unbelievable results. Learn to master change using 15 dynamic and inspiring rules detailed throughout Try Different, Not Harder. When you accept change as a positive reality, you must develop a new strategy to achieve your personal and professional goals. This book will help you embrace change instead of avoiding it. The sooner you learn how to master the process of change, the closer you are to actualizing a bright future no matter what comes your way. Follow 15 time-tested rules to learn how to seek solutions, practice adaptability, and become an indispensable asset to any team. Become a leader that can move along with any moment of transition. This bright book is filled with vivid designs and insightful quotes that will empower you to strive for continual improvement and positive thought.

We are very proud to welcome Karl Schoemer to Walk The Talk! Karl is the founder and president of Vision Quest, an innovator in business consultation. He has written seven books including Try Different, Not Harder.

Karl has been delighting and assisting clients for more than twenty years in leadership, speaking, facilitation, and more. He has worked on five continents with thousands of public and private sector organizations of all sizes. Karl holds a Master's in Business from Indiana Wesleyan University. His unrivaled enthusiasm for dynamic change results in a fresh, market-anchored approach to business and life.  For more information or to bring Karl to your next event, please email us at