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Walk the Talk...and Get the Results You Want


Walk The Talk is a book about people, values, ethics, and hidden fortunes. As you read, you’ll share the experiences of a new CEO named Bill Elby and his very special teacher —a janitor named Clarence. Through an unsolicited, behind-the-scenes tour of his Treeview Industries’ headquarters, Bill is given an unusual opportunity to see the impact of values-conflicting behavior on the performance of his company. While traveling this magical journey, Bill learns the secrets for achieving positive change and lasting results.

Walking the talk is an end unto itself. It’s important simply because it is the right thing to do. To think otherwise is to question the very essence of integrity. But walking the talk is also a strategy—a means to an end. It’s important because values-driven practices lead to value-added results. To prove this, you need only examine the common-sense law of reciprocity: What goes around comes around. Good things happen when you make sure that values are lived.

Our message for you is an emotional one—and that’s intentional. We believe when you capture people’s hearts their minds and actions will surely follow. Yes, you will find practical solutions in this book, but if that’s all you find it would be a shame. It would be like going to a symphony orchestra concert and only hearing the sounds without experiencing the feelings the music evokes. This classic book will enhance your knowledge, but even more, we hope it will enrich your life!