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Orders placed today after 1:00 CST will be shipped the following business day. (M-F)

LeaderShift ... Making Leadership Everyone's Business


How would you like every person in your organization to share the responsibility of leadership? LeaderShift is not a traditional leadership book that lectures instead of teaches. This book is a compelling fable that allows you to eavesdrop and learn how one leader built a successful team. You will discover a practical framework that will help decrease turnover, improve job satisfaction and improve your bottom line. During our years of observing leaders, one common denominator of all organizations is that people quit people long before they quit an organization. This book will demonstrate how your frontline leader can create a winning atmosphere on his team right now. LeaderShift identifies six shifts that go to the very heart of how to build a cohesive, effective, winning team. Whether you are leading a multinational organization or a small local restaurant, the powerful yet deceptively simple message is for everyone who strives to be an exceptional team leader. 

It takes about an hour to read this book. That hour could provide your frontline leader with knowledge and encouragement to become the person whom their team will want to follow.  I hope you will consider buying this book for every leader in your organization. It may be the catalyst that you are searching for to help you reach your next level of success.


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