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The First Two Rules of Leadership: Don't Be Stupid. Don't Be a Jerk.

How can you improve your leadership results beginning right now? The First Two Rules of Leadership: Don't be Stupid, Don't be a Jerk provides a clear path to increased results and higher job satisfaction for the leader and the people he is leading. Written for the leader who wants to do great things, but is overwhelmed with the complexities of leading, it is a book with a very simple message: think your decisions through and take care of your team.

Written by bestselling author David Cottrell, The First Two Rules of Leadership: Don't be Stupid, Don't be a Jerk offers tried-and-true leadership strategies that stand the test of time—all of which you can put into practice today to positive results. The principles discussed apply to businesses in every industry, as well as schools, hospitals, churches, and even homes. By following the two rules outlined in the book's title, you'll improve morale, decrease turnover, increase your own job satisfaction, and have a whole lot more fun leading.

  • Lead with confidence and class
  • Make better decisions and develop synchronization on your team
  • Coach smart, deal with poor performers, and focus on what's really important
  • Listen to your team, encourage positive performance, and attack complacency
  • You can lead your team to achieve extraordinary results!

    The First Two Rules of Leadership: Don't be Stupid, Don't be a Jerk gives you the expert tips and tricks you need to treat your team with dignity and respect—so you can all enjoy the benefits of winning with class.

    What people are saying about this book: "Leading this way will result in an engaged, inspired and highly productive team while also being more fun and fulfilling for the leader." —KIP TINDELL, Co-Founder and Chairman, The Container Store, listed on Fortune's top 100 places to work for 14 years in a row "Simple, practical and profound rules to help you become a great leader." —LORRAINE GRUBBS, former Director of Employment, Southwest Airlines "David Cottrell's latest book is a must-read for any leader. It simplifies the complexity of leadership into two simple rules. Read, then implement and get ready for sustained leadership success." —PAT WILLIAMS, Orlando Magic senior vice president, Author of The Success Intersection "This book helps leaders lead with clarity, integrity and focus." — JON GORDON, author of The Energy Bus and The Carpenter