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Three-Dimensional Interviewing

Bad hiring decisions cost time and money …and a ton of frustration! That’s why it’s imperative that you select the “best” people for your job openings – individuals who have the skills and talent to do each job … AND A WHOLE LOT MORE! Think that’s easier said than done? Well, help has arrived! It’s called Three-Dimensional Interviewing – a proven, easy-to-follow process for evaluating candidates in terms of the three critical factors necessary for successful employment: *Capability – knowledge and skills to do the job *Commitment – attitude and motivation to do the job *Chemistry – alignment and “fit” with your organizational culture The information found inside this powerful handbook will help you build a high-performance workforce: the right people in the right jobs – fully committed to the success of your organization, thriving in your unique business culture, and doing their very best work … for YOU!