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Why a Daughter Needs a Dad Gift Book

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A girl’s constant hero. No one treasures a daughter quite like a Dad. To a daughter, no one is stronger or braver than Dad. Whether someone to laugh with or a shoulder to cry on there’s no place safer than in her father’s arms. Dad’s love is a steadfast guide as his little girl becomes the woman she’s destined to be.

A Daughter Needs a Dad...

  • To tell her truthfully that she is the most beautiful of all.
  • To be the safe spot she can always turn to.
  • To teach her what it means to always be there.

    Review and Praise: “A fabulous book for fathers everywhere! This book really gives insight and direction for those that need a little push. The easy to read format allows anyone to pick up the book and get something out of it quickly. The photographs and words cause you to reflect on special moments of the past and shine a light on your future as a father.”—B. Reese of Norcross, GA

    “I was given a copy of this book by my sister Amy for Christmas this year. I have two little daughters and she obviously understands the importance of a Dad in her life and wanted me to as well. This is not a deep read, just photos and short bits of wisdom. However, that's not to say it isn't emotionally resonating. I had tears in my eyes while reading and thinking about the role I have in my two daughter’s lives. It is humbling and wonderful at the same time. If you have daughters, or know someone who does, then this book is a simple reminder of the important role that fathers play in the healthy development of their female children.”—M. Erisman of Seattle, WA

    “I saw this book in a magazine and thought it would be the perfect birthday gift for my dad. It is a really cute and sentimental book. He loved it.”—A. Rollins