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Why a Son Needs a Dad Gift Book

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A boy’s first hero. Nothing compares to the bond of a son and his Dad. To a son, Dad is a superhero—big, strong, and always there to save the day. Whether tossing a ball or bandaging a skinned knee, Dad’s hands are a constant source of comfort and safety. Dad’s love is a beacon of guidance and strength as his son becomes the wonderful man he’s destined to be

A Son Needs a Dad...

  • To help him find his way.
  • Who will show him that love is unselfish.
  • Who will show him affection without hesitation.

    Review and Praise:

    “I purchased this book for my husband for his first Father’s Day. He enjoyed reading it so much. It really makes you think of all the things a father is needed for. This makes a great gift for any new dad.”— review “I bought this book for my father to give to him after his cancer surgery. I’m an adult son who has a very close relationship with my father but don’t live so close. This was a great way for him to have something to remind him of that bond any time. Very applicable to any son/dad relationship with the variety of photos and reasons. Everyone will find that special reason the rings true for them.”—