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Working Too Much Can Make You GRUMPY with DVD


Order 2 or more at $12.95 per book. 

Kids talk about why it's good to not work too much.   Read the book that's making adults pay attention.  Now that a large population is working from home, sometimes all our kids think we do is work.  This needs to be changed. 

Learn what kids really think, what they want and what we are really missing in life. 

This the right book at the right time for all the busy, tired, overworked people who…

  • know that family is really what matters

  • want to spend more time with their children

  • could use a gentle and inspiring "wake-up call" to help get their priorities straight

                      Watch The Movie that Goes Along with the Book



From the crayons and pencils of a multitude of kids, you’ll gain new insights about why working too much is a problem. Sneak a peek inside...